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For additional information regarding the Privacy Policy of “Insolvency Help”, please visit this page. When you access the website, your browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari) will transmit a series of data to the server where the website is stored: IP address, date and time of access, the content of the request sent to the server, the volume of data transferred, and the type of browser used.

The transmission of this data is essential for accessing the website, and it is stored for a certain period, usually not exceeding 30 days. In exceptional cases, such as checking unauthorized access or an information attack, the stored login data may be processed to protect the legitimate interests of the “Insolvency Help”, in accordance with the provisions of Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR.What are “cookies,” and why do we use them? Cookies are small text files that are placed in the memory of the device you use to access our website (e.g., computer, phone, tablet, etc.).

These files store certain information (e.g., technical settings of the website or preferred language) that can be transmitted to us on your next visit to the website. The information collected by cookies does not include names, data you enter into forms, or other personal data but uses an identifier (ID) to distinguish between users. We use cookies for two main purposes: first, to ensure the functioning of the website (necessary cookies), and second, to improve the quality of the website (analytical/optional cookies).

What cookies do we use?

On our website, we use two types of cookies:

I. Necessary Cookies: These cookies ensure the proper functioning of the website, are automatically active, not conditioned by the user’s agreement, and are necessary to provide the website.

II. Analytical/Optional Cookies: Analytical cookies collect information about how visitors use the website (e.g., information about traffic on a specific page, the browsers used, error messages received by users). Within the website, we use the Google Analytics service, an analysis service provided by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA, 94043, USA.

Google Analytics allows us to improve the website by providing anonymized statistics. Thus, the information collected by Google regarding your use of our website (e.g., pages you visit on our website, browser type, language settings, operating system, screen resolution, etc.) will be transmitted to a Google server in the USA, where it will be stored and analyzed. The resulting data will then be made available to us in anonymized form. Throughout this process, your usage data will not be connected to your full IP address. We have activated the IP anonymization feature on our website provided by Google, which will delete the last 8 bits (for IPv4) or the last 80 bits (for IPv6) of your IP address. Additionally, Google is certified under the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, ensuring an adequate level of protection regarding the processing of data by Google in the USA. The analytical cookies related to the Google Analytics service are as follows:Cookie Name | Purpose
_gat_G-DQC56EE0FF | Collection of anonymized data for the purpose of providing statistics.
_ga | Google Analytics cookie for tracking users.
_gid | Google Analytics cookie for distinguishing users.

For more details regarding the collection and processing of data through the Google Analytics service, you can find information in the data protection section provided by Google. Additionally, the website uses a series of optional cookies aimed at enhancing the browsing experience:Cookie Name | Purpose of the Cookie pll_language | Retains your preference regarding the language in which the website is displayed.

TawkConnection Time | If you have used the direct communication feature through the chat provided by the website, this cookie retains the name and email address you entered and reminds you of them if you want to open a new conversation.
_gid | Agreement for the installation of cookies.

Regarding optional analytical cookies, these will be installed only after obtaining your consent, in accordance with the provisions of Article 6(1)(a) of the GDPR. Consent is obtained on the occasion of the first access to the website. Thus, on the homepage of the website, a banner will appear asking for your consent regarding the installation of analytical/optional cookie files. To withdraw consent for analytical/optional cookies, you need to visit the following page. Additionally, you can directly delete cookies from your device’s memory or prevent the installation of cookies through your browser. More information on the steps to follow can be found here:
– Managing cookies in the Firefox browser.;
– Managing cookies in the Google Chrome browser.;
– Managing cookies in the Internet Explorer browser;
– Managing cookies in the Safari browser and iOS.

Additional information about cookies:

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Modification of this policy:

“INSOLVENCY HELP” reserves the right to modify this policy regarding technical aspects of website access and the policy on the use of cookies at any time. Last update: July 2024.