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Choosing what is the best course of action for an insolvent company is not something that should be done without professional advice. Some companies might benefit from a simple liquidations, others might need a more complex procedure, such as administration or company voluntary arrangement (CVA). We are here to help you decide the best way forward.

Feeling like your company is struggling to pay what it owes? what you should do:

Best procedures for Insolvent Companies



Creditor’s Voluntary liquidation is a legal process that “winds up” an insolvent company by selling assets and property to repay debts. By the end of the voluntary liquidation process, the company will have stopped trading and will cease to exist.



Company administration is a formal procedure in which an insolvency practitioner is appointed to act as the administrator of an insolvent company with the goal of bringing about a recovery and chance of rescuing the business.



When a struggling business appears to be viable with the prospect of becoming profitable again, and the directors are willing to continue, a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) may be an ideal way to protect against legal actions.

Your Company has run it's course and you want to retire?

Best procedure for Solvent Companies



A member’s voluntary liquidation, also called a MVL, is a the process of closing down a solvent company in a cost-effective way. This process is more tax-efficient that simply closing down your company via a strike-off and taking out the assets as dividends.

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There are hundreds of practices in the UK, but here are some reasons why you might want to choose us.


Price Flexible

As we work with multiple Insolvency Practitioners we can find the best one suited for your budget.


Quick Turnaround

We will make sure your company will be placed into an insolvency procedure as soon as possible.


Multi Language Support

Our team has members that can help clients in their own language: English, Romanian, Polish, Hungarian and Russian.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

From the first consultation to the close of the liquidation, our team will be alongside the directors, providing updates and explaining all the developments.

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